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Navy Blue – Back to School

Asos playsuit

by Xeni Kouveli

This beautiful playsuit was a gift from yours truly, Kat of Stylelove Convo for my birthday and I chose to wear it this week. This tiring, exhausting, never-ending week, that suddenly everybody is in a hurry, everybody is working hard, everybody wants everything done yesterday. This playsuit was the highlight of my week and I thank you Kat. It kept me going. And please let me just say…
Everybody, relax, chill… life is too short to feel so anxious all the time. Everything is going to be cool, we will all work it out. This goes for me too. Well, mainly for me. Sticking out tongue face.

Happy Thursday y’all!
You can shop the look-alikes at the bottom of the page.
Kiss. Kiss.

Asos playsuit

Asos playsuit

Asos playsuit

lancel and thalatta

spektre sunglasses

Asos playsuit

ASOS playsuit, Superga, Lancel handbag, Thalatta Fringy Blue, Spektre sunglasses from Kokkoris Optics. Folie Folie ring and Mimika Ciboyianni earring. Deep Shallow Exposition bracelet.

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