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Stylelove New Era Editorial

New era

Mesh top and short hair

LIANA CAMBA Long-sleeved top in big-hole mesh
GIANT VINTAGE sunglasses
ZARA joggers – trousers

This is what happened. I went to the hairdresser and I said I want to cut my hair. Et voilĂ ! I know, I’m still trying to get use to this ‘new era’ but after today’s photo-shoot, I kinda like it. I find it very stylish. It is the mesh top that makes it all interesting! Winking my eye. I guess I needed a change and you know me, I like my changes. Smiley face.

Photography, Styling & Editing Xeni Kouveli

Stylelove New Era Editorial
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Stylelove New Era Editorial
Stylelove New Era Editorial
Stylelove New Era Editorial - mesh top by liana camba


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