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New Year’s Eve dress up



Hey! Long time no see..
I am sitting here at my home, trying to write this post.. it’s one of these days.. where I prefer to just stare at the window and think of nothing really. So you understand is kind of hard to even compose a sentence. But, it came to me. Like a shine from my window! My today’s post.

New Years Eve. What to wear ?

I truly have no idea! I don’t think I can buy anything new.. So I thought, Xeni improvise! You all improvise! I have clothes in my closet. We all have clothes in our closets. If I can mix and match, everyone can.

I can even sew some small bits of ..something. I am gonna search my wardrobe upside down! Maybe even, my sister’s wardrobe! Hey sis if you are reading this.. not to worry, I won’t harm your closet. Yeah right!




So I just spend 20 minutes of my time and created this outfit on the pictures.
A simple grey dress underneath a transparent sequin one, matched with perls. Colored tights and a vintage jacket with huuuuge shoulders! Of course a tutu is necessary to match this season’s trends!
What do you think?

I think I will need one new piece for my outfit! A headband.
I want the New Year finding wearing a headband. I don’t know why. I just want a headband.

So YES! I officially have a project.
Find a headband, or try fixing one. Improvise my dress up.
Oh no, i am not done, this was just a warmup!

Have a great Friday people! My people.


  • Eleni

    I give two emphatic thumbs up to your amazing creativity and stylistic experimentation!

    December 15, 2012
  • January 3, 2013

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