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Not a one-off ever again


by Xeni Kouveli

I happened to be a koumbara again (something like a Maid of Honour) two weekends age. My best friend got married and she looked magnificent. As a very proud koumbara I stood beside her, wore this dress and held my new Thalatta Fringy Pochette that will soon be available to buy.

One great thing about a wedding that is not your wedding, is that you get to shop for a beautiful new dress that you will wear once or possibly twice in your life. If you’re a koumbara, the dress is a one-off. I mean you don’t get to wear it again, because you will always be the girl that wore that dress twice. This can be very frustrating and a shame.

If you open the closet of a woman around the age of 30-38 you’ll find a great amount of dresses that hang all depressed and alone inside their cases, waiting desperately to go out once again. So, this is what I did. I found myself literally inside my sister’s closet and found this dress (out of 5 other equally beautiful dresses), which was worn only once, many years ago. It screamed at me: Xeni, take me for a ride! I altered it a bit and voila. The ride was truly great!

Kiss. Kiss.






  • Markella

    And it looks great on you! Fabulous dress …. beautiful girl!

    September 8, 2014

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