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Not again

Thalatta Fringy Sea Blue

by Xeni Kouveli

I know you must be fed up of seeing the same Zara perforated skirt in these past few posts but seriously I cannot stop wearing it because it’s so easy to combine and use for multiple purposes. So far we’ve seen: the Sports Luxe Look, the Trendy Stylish Look and today I give you the Wannabe Sexy Look… I’m loughing out loud now. I can’t, ever, see myself as the sexy one… but you could easily make this look sexy. Huh? huh? I can be quite the compliment(er)!!! Ι know this word exists only in my vocabulary but Greeks will get the meaning. As for foreigners, I mean that I can be generous with the compliments.

In other news, my new Thalatta Fringy Sea Blue is available online and I want your feedback! So… give it to me!

Kiss. Kiss.

Skirt Look

thalatta fringy sea blue



thalatta fringy sea blue

Zara perforated skirt (similar), hubby’s shirt, mules, Thalatta Fringy Sea Blue


  • Eleni

    Blue awesomeness!! kiss kiss

    May 26, 2014
  • it is the perfect blue, have no doupts about it.
    i on the other hand, am green from envy for that pool in the photo…it’s so hot right now that I almost hallucinate myself diving in!

    June 9, 2014

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