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One bright and sunny day

I decided to catwalk. Yeah right!

My feelings today are mostly happy feelings.. it’s “pre-Friday” and every “pre-Friday” i am happy. So, i am giving you a carefree sunny post to cheer you up!

I wore my red lips for the day (not today, it was a few days ago, but anyway..), some jeans and a simple white shirt to attend not one, but two kids parties!

I have to admit kid’s parties most of the times are fun! and i have to justify this..
Firstly and very importantly, the food is GREAT! I mean you eat all the great junk food in mini sizes! Mini burgers, mini pizzas, mini hot dogs etc.
Secondly, there is a cake! And kid’s cakes are also GREAT!
Thirdly, you can dance with kids songs and play kids games! at least i do. We all have a hidden kid inside us, right?

Of course, my white shirt was not white by the end of the afternoon..

What i wore: Zara shirt and gilet, Jeans from Flash shop in Glyfada, Zara sandals, Inglot red matte lipstick, Prigkipw square ring and a custom made ring


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