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by Xeni Kouveli

What’s new girls? How is this week treating you so far? Any swimming at all? Any tan at all? Any vacation at all? Well, I for once, am showing you swimwear! Yes! To be honest, I’m trying to show you swimwear. I will never be the girl who poses like a model on rocks and pools, fully exposed and confident about her body. But I guess you have figured this out by now. BUT, I can be the girl who poses with swimwear as a top for an outfit. In other words, you will never see my “bhutan”, just parts of them. lol.

So you know I went to Mykonos last week as an ambassador of Pinktrotters and had a blast. It was a nice surprise because it all happened quickly and smoothly. Pinkrotters is a brilliant idea and a great experience for whoever wants to participate. You meet other fabulous women and get pampered all together. How girly does that sound? My swimwear in Mykonos was powered by Gottex and Gkini (a new line of swimwear) and I cannot thank them enough. The fit is awesome and the new Cruise 2014 designs are amazing. Have a look online and if you live in Athens you will find them in Attica stores downtown.

Kiss. Kiss.

p.s. Scroll to bottom for outfit details.

nidodileda mandeau

Gottex Swimwear

nidodileda mandeau


Red Gottex onepiece (similar), Gkini bikini, Nidodileda Circe maxi vest in blue, H&M Conscious shorts (similar), Manebi espadrilles, SSE sunnies (similar from Le Specs).

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