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Orange faces

Ecua Andino Panama Hat

Orange overdose

The weather here in Greece might be getting colder by the day but my mind is still in Sri Lanka, the sandy beaches and the beautiful sunsets. My favorite space from the hotel I was staying in Sri Lanka, was a a square ‘glade’ in the reception, which was surrounded by beautiful paintings made by local art students. It was so inspiring, that I managed to style my outfits to fit the paintings.

I shall miss those paintings.. as well as the sandy beaches :p

You have a great dreamy Pre-Friday!!
Kiss. Kiss.

Ecua Andino Panama Hat

Ecua Andino Panama Hat

Thalatta Bag

Ecua Andino Panama Hat



Ecua Andino hat

Ecua Andino Panama Hat, Orange caftan, Thalatta bag, Leather sandals


  • Eleni

    Orange princess of my heart <3

    December 5, 2013
  • Costume De Rigueur

    heaven…you are in heaveeeen…lalala



    December 14, 2013

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