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Paris is Paris

Paris fw outfit

by Xeni Kouveli

This is my imaginary look for Paris FW. I am obviously showing off more skin than usual and than expected (I am talking about my neckline and my toes). You will have to excuse the skin exposure since in Greece the weather (well, up until yesterday) is kinda good and we are making small steps towards spring…

Anyways, I couldn’t go to Paris without a Chanel inspired jacket really. So I’m wearing a one of kind, custom made jacket with an original Chanel fabric and Chanel inspired obviously; don’t you just love your mothers-in-law or mothers that are kind enough to hold on to vintage clothes to give you when you get older? Well I do believe that certain clothes/pieces are made for certain people and in time they will ‘sail’ their way to their masters as a child finds its mother after a long day playing in the yard, but this is a topic to cover in another post.

Jeans are worn to keep some of the flesh unexposed warm and obviously, very obviously, a scarf inspired from Burberry’s fashion show in London last week. But really this scarf-belt thing is kinda old and has been worn many times before. And last but not least, my camisole or is it a babydoll? Yes it is lingerie but can you really tell?

Since Paris Ready to wear is the closure of the fashion weeks and it begins tomorrow (don’t ask me why I didn’t do Milan.. I forgot) I wore an item that will sell like hell in a few months as a tribute to the very anticipated Spring collection, used to have bad reputation, Marilyn popularized it & Carrie used to love to wear, mules.

At last this post comes to its end and I am not going to ask you if I blend in or imagine any Parisian artist or inspiration simply because Paris is Paris. And.. C’est fini my dear ones who actually give a damn about what I am saying right now.

Kiss kiss.

Chanel jacket

Paris is Paris

Paris is Paris / stylelove

Thalatta Bag

Chanel Jacket


Chanel inspired jacket, Victoria Secret camisole, Levis jeans from Lav Unused, Zara scarf, Zara mules, Thalatta Fringy Bag, .LAK belt, Elizabeth Arden red lipstick (available at Notos Galleries Greece), Celine sunglasses.


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