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Paris mon amour

Paris mon amour

A quick trip to Paris is all you need to start this season

On this post you will find notes for people who have visited Paris before, have seen all the touristic stuff & don’t have time for much sightseeing (like me). They don’t call it city of light for no reason. It is a magical place and there are many things to do, so:

Be as organized as you can before you visit, because Parisians are not famous for helping you out. True fact. True experience.

Eat all you can, you won’t find these tastes anywhere else. Smiley fat face.

If you have time for museums, make some and visit only Mus√©e d’Orsay. Loula suggested and yes it is truly inspirational.

Have many band aids with you. Your feet will be torn apart from walking. Unless you get sneakers with you, but still, you’re in Paris you wanna look as chic as possible, so you will wear those tight little shoes at least one time. Sticking tongue out.

Visit Le Marais and try the Bontemps Patisserie Framboise – Fruits de la Passion little tart. OH MY GOD! Delicious.

On a Friday have dinner at Cafe Sud at Madeleine and listen to live jazz. The snails and the Bon Fillet are to die for. Also, the tarama with troufle… speechless. Will try too at home.

If you have an hour to spent on checking shops, visit Colette concept store. It is interesting. I heard they change their shop window every day. Is it true? Ya know?

Walk, walk, walk.

Eat cheese, eat cheese, eat cheese.

Drink wine, drink wine, drink wine.

Enjoy :-)


Paris, September 2015
Photography, Styling & Editing Xeni Kouveli | Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7


Paris mon amourparisian-streetparis-loveparis-pompidouParis mon amourparis goat cheeseParis mon amourParis mon amourParis mon amourstylelove-paris-12stylelove-paris-11stylelove-paris-13stylelove-paris-4stylelove-paris-3Paris mon amourfwis-2xeni-parisParis mon amourdoor-handdior-colette-parisbicycles-parisparis Bontemps Patisserie fwis-parisWith Stephanie of Gat Rimon


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