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Pump hunt

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pumps

Or Hunt the pump

Merry Christmas to everyone!
I am writing you this post from my Bed of Pain! I got sick on Saturday.. distustingly sick and all I did was sleep and dream. When I wasn’t sleeping I just had visions from the high fever..

Visions like colorful pumps coming out of my closet and dancing around me in pairs with beautiful clutches.
Oh, I was high!

Today I feel better enough to stare on the screen for a while and have a look around to find those pumps from my visions. :-p

And first of all I hit on Jimmy Choo! Oh God! I didn’t want to see anything else.
Colorful classic and chic pointy toe pumps on my visions… hello!
I knew I had seen you before..

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pumps in orange

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pumps in navy

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pump

Jimmy Choo Pointy Pump

Ok back to my visions now..
Have a great Christmas Eve!

All photos from jimmychoo.com
View all pumps here

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