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Wolford Pure 50 Tights

by Xeni Kouveli

WOLFORD Pure 50 Tights / Darleene Body & Darleene bracelets


I remember buying a pair of WOLFORD tights 10 years ago that have lasted up until last season. It is not an urban legend; most of my friends had a similar tale to tell me when I announced my collaboration with WOLFORD last week. Seriously, it’s the same deal for all of us. At some point, I was confused with whom I was speaking to. We all concluded on one important Greek saying: You get what you pay for. And of course, that quality is the most important thing even with tights. Or better still, especially with tights. Tights keep us together. Tights are our second skin. Feels likes second skin.

So, WOLFORD’s innovation of the season, are these Pure 50 Tights, that you shall see me wearing this winter: “Thanks to special technology, the seams of the panty section are smoothly glued together, so that they are invisible even underneath tight clothing. Additionally, the material composition not only has an exceptionally smooth matt look, but also feels incredibly soft on the skin. Another plus is the extra wide and soft comfort waistband that ensures a completely comfortable fit at any time.”

Pictures shot with OLYMPUS PEN Lite E-PL7

WOLFORD Pure 50 Tightswolford-braceletsWOLFORD Pure 50 Tightswolford Darleene body


WOLFORD Pure 50 tights
WOLFORD Darleene bracelets
WOLFORD Darleene Body
All from WOLFORD Boutique in Golden Hall Athens


Alternately shop WOLFORD here:


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