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Ruffle shirt, ruffle dress, ruffle pants

Ruffle shirt, ruffle dress, ruffle trousers

Ruffle shirt, ruffles for the win

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Ruffle shirt, ruffles for the win


Well, it has been a while!
But, I’m back ready to make up for all the days that I was inactive. Smiley face. I bring you… ruffles and frills! The trend that has been worn so much this year and will continue to be worn for the next as it seems. So here it is. Ruffle all the way!

Glyfada, Greece, January 2017

H&M pinafore dress with frillsH&M black patent leather bootsh&m grey checked trousers with frillsH&M pinafore dress with frills


H&M TREND Zebra print frilled blouse, pinafore dress with frills, grey checked trousers with frills & black patent leather boots
WOLFORD net top

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