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Sandals for August

Zircon for me!! >>

Although August isn’t my favorite month, since it’s the month of the year that i grow older.. (or younger at heart) > this is only what i say to comfort myself..
The above ring put a little smile on my face, at least for a few hours.. until my mind “over-flooded” from thoughts on how i shall spend this month in Athens.

Anyway, all of you, young people, wild and free, have fun during this month in the Greek islands and wear your sandals!! I shall wear mine in the city.

Also wear your bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces and “evil eyes”, even when your arms and necks ache from the weight!
as Greeks usually say .. “Μπρός τα κάλλη, τι είναι ο πόνος!”

Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and bikinis!
Happy holidays!

My sandals are from: 1. Flash Shop (Glyfada and Spetses) 2. Zara 

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