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Front Row Shop faux fur jacket

Scarf it – Belt it – Fanny pack it

by Xeni Kouveli

The Fanny pack trend

So I have previously mentioned my belt/bag trend-addiction that I have worn as much as possible and I have tried to persuade you to do the same, as much as possible. This time I’m taking it to the next level, which is as simple as this: “Scarf” your belt-bag or your fanny pack/bag.

You see, our beloved LOULA has created some amazingly beautiful scarves that I cannot stop wearing. So everyday I find new ways to include them in my outfits, besides the classic neck/hand or even ankle way.

Outfit details at the bottom of the page.

deep shallow exposition Gut's Bee

Scarf it - Belt it - Fanny pack it

Scarf it - Belt it - Fanny pack it

gatrimon dress

FRONTROWSHOP faux fur jacket, GAT RIMON Agnes black Chiffon dress, ZARA cropped top on top, LEVI’S jeans, THALATTA fanny pack, BY LOULA scarf, AMERICAN APPAREL socks, Gut’s Bee by DEEP SHALLOW EXPOSITION sunnies.

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