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Σέλφι φορ Γκρις #selfieforgreece


by Kat de Naoum

Selfie.  Sometimes I think that if I hear that word again I will spontaneously combust. The fact that my children (when/if I have them) will never know a world without the word “selfie” makes me vomit a little bit.

Other times I wonder when my computer will stop showing it as misspelt since unfortunately it is now a legitimate entry in the actual dictionary.

People love seeing themselves on paper/screen/print so when the #nomakeupselfie for cancer trend started, it was inevitable that people would jump on this bandwagon (bare) face first.

I didn’t get in on this movement for the following reasons (not because I’m pro-cancer):
1. I don’t live in the UK.
2. Most of my pictures (albeit not selfies) are sans make-up anyway.
3. I’m not a fan of selfies.
4. I thought it was just another chance for people to take selfies for a reason other than “in the loo in this restaurant”.
5. I didn’t actually believe it would work.

Turns out: –

1. You can donate even if you are not in the UK, here or check out the list of cancer organisations outside the UK here.
2. One more make-up-less picture of me won’t hurt anybody (I hope).
3. Before it was a trend (and a word), people had been doing it for centuries (think self-portraits of Frida Kahlo (complete with ‘tash and monobrow) and Vincent van Gogh).
4. It’s actually legitimate and it doesn’t really matter what I think apparently.
5. It ended up raising over £8 million for Cancer Research UK.

To explain myself further (without digging a bigger hole), I was weary because it was almost like comparing going make-up free to facing cancer. Also, why should we tell little girls that going without make-up is a brave thing to do? It should be the norm to be bare-faced, and on occasion to be made-up, not the other way around.

But once I removed my dark cloud of cynicism and judgement and I realised that people think it’s fun to take pictures of themselves (I won’t say selfie again because for someone who hates that word, I’ve already used it 9 times in this post… and counting) and if something good comes out of it then who am I to rain on their parade?

So I got my thinking cap on. It did absolutely no good; all my ideas were absolute tripe (I’m a writer not a marketing strategist) but there was an underlying theme in the lot of tripe.

Stumbling randomly upon helpsavegreece.com which promotes buying Greek produce inspired me to think that maybe we can do something for Greece to get its head above water. I understand that consciously starting out to start a trend and go viral never works but what the hell; it certainly can’t hurt Greece at this stage.

For those who don’t know, Greece is in a spot of trouble. Some very bad people came along and took a massive dump on Greece and not least its reputation, breaking its and its citizens’ hearts in the process.

So, this is the bright idea:


I’ve included my corny contribution for #selfieforgreece and I nominate Xeni to do the next one.

Do you think it will catch on?

Click here to donate to OneGreece.  It’s legit, for realz! Read about it in more detail here. Oh, and buy Greek!

We would love you to send us, tweet, instagram or FB post your #selfieforgreece and we will do a follow-up post and Convo collage with all of your selfies (watch this space).

P.S. We are in no way affiliated with any of the charities mentioned herein (yet).
P.P.S. 13 mentions of the word “Selfie”. 14 including that last one.


**Xeni Kouveli makes the Convo collages with pics found on Google images – we do not own them (except for the ones we do own).


  • Eleni

    You guys rule!! I’ve done my part and I’m so happy!! Great initiative! Kudos!

    April 2, 2014

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