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SFW Streetstyle Day 1

by Xeni Kouveli

As you all may know, the streetstyle outside the shows is very, very important.
Fashion people, fashionistas, local it-girls, people from all around the globe gather outside the venues and mingle. Photographers keep on taking pictures trying to capture that perfect fashion shot. And believe me, there are many photographers and many great shots. As overwhelmed as Loula and I were, we managed to capture some pictures of our own to showcase our own STYLELOVE streetstyle “commentary”.

Have a great one.
Kiss. Kiss.

Photos by Loula Levedi

SFW Streetstyle Day 1

SFW Streetstyle Day 1






SFW Streetstyle Day 1

SFW Streetstyle Day 1

SFW Streetstyle Day 1

SFW Streetstyle Day 1


SFW Streetstyle Day 1




Madelene Billman, Style Stalker by Simon Brzoska, The you way magazine, Soren Jepsen of The Locals, Fetish for fine fabrics, Chrystelle of rodeo.net/chrystelle, Anthon Johnsson, Lucaz Enigma, Yvan Rodic, Trine Kjaer and many more.

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