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Silver backpack / mi pac

Silver backpack and blue denim

by Xeni Kouveli

Silver backpack by Mi PAC, jeans by WAVEN and espadrilles by MANEBI


You know what? I like metallics. My guess is that you’ve figured that out by now (click here to remember my metallic shoes), but I just have to say it. I love metallics. Again. I love metallics. Laughing out loud. I feel a bit crazy at this very moment. I just came back from the gym and I have too much energy… ya know?

So, yes this silver colored, metallic, leatherish backpack is “hogging my back” these days. At the gym, out in the streets, when I’m having coffee or lunch. It is with me all the time. And it so easy to wear too. Even with regular clothes and not gym clothes. For some reason I have always believed that backpacks are for the gym or for school. But this thinking is in the past; backpacks now rule. And I’m here to embrace this liberating way of carrying stuff and show you how to do it. Just combine this backpack with blue denim jeans and you are good to go. Topless. Sticking my tongue out. Yes, wear a shirt already!

Kiss. Kiss.

Silver backpack by Mi Pac and jeans by Waven


Silver backpack by Mi Pac and jeans by Waven

Silver backpack by Mi Pac and jeans by Waven

ZARA coat and shirt
MI PAC backpack
WAVEN jeans
MANEBI espadrilles


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