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Snake Swim while Doing Nothing


by Xeni Kouveli

Doing nothing is actually very important and I had to share this article I came across on Forbes website as I was doing absolutely nothing my last days of summer on Spetses island (except swimming at Zogeria).
And I quote from the article:

“By giving the brain ‘downtime’ we can improve mental health and allow ideas to incubate.”

“Doing nothing or having nothing to do, are valuable opportunities for stimulating unconscious thought processes. Unconscious thought excels at integrating and associating information, by subconsciously carrying out associative searches across our broad database of knowledge. In this region of the mind we are less constrained by conventional associations and more likely to generate novel ideas than when we consciously focus on problem solving.”

So yes, I feel better now, more organized, plenty ideas … I just need a bit more time to do nothing.

Kiss. Kiss.




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