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Spring trend: Bra Over Shirt

Spring trend: Bra Over Shirt

Favorite spring layering: Bra Over Shirt

You’ve seen it before, you wanna try it but you also feel a bit shy. How can one wear a bra over a shirt? Right?
I have the solution for you: Bras that aren’t exactly bras. They called bralets! Winking my eye. They can be worn on top of as shirt, a t-shirt or just as they are for the daring gals. Winking my eye. Not me though… I’m the layering kind! Smiley face.

Kiss, kiss.

Photography Victor Kalauzi, Styling & Editing Xeni Kouveli


Spring trend: Bra Over ShirtBobbi Brown make up - styleloveBobbi Brown make up - stylelove

LIANA CAMBA shirt, side-stripe pants & bralet.

Shop bralets:


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