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The City Safari Look

Safari Look / Stylelove

by Xeni Kouveli

This Monday on Stylelove we’re giving you the old-school classic Safari look. Only a bit more eccentric. A bit more exposed. A bit more, not your usual safari look.

Actually, we should call it “The City Safari Look” and I’m gonna change the title of the post right now. I find this title more appropriate simply because on an actual safari you would need proper pants not shorts and proper boots not heeled sandals.

Also, because on a city safari you go out to see a different kind of kingdom so you need different kind of gear.
For instance, in order to survive a night out at The City Safari you need a cool outfit, a second pair of shoes in your car and your girlfriends where as to an actual Safari you need water, a Victorinox knife and a guide. Maybe a few more things but you get what I mean.

This whole comparison is about the dating situation out there and as Carrie once said very successfully, it’s a jungle out there. I know I’ve been out of the dating scene for years now -Thank God – I really wouldn’t know how to react to a man breaking up with me because maybe my “bum is a little on the long side”. Kat mentioned this true story on the previous Convo and it has been haunting me ever since. Humans can be very brutal and judgemental.

So if I was free and into dating I would probably be just myself, a calm but quite playful antelope. Wearing my shorts and heels to make my look more interesting with a white shirt to balance it out and make it look more intellectual. The males would have to try very hard to approach this antelope.

And I’ll finish this post by saying, Victor you are my perfect male antelope and thanks for “invading” my City Safari.

Kiss. Kiss.

The City Safari Look

The City Safari Look

Isabel Marant heels / chloe shorts / ysl shirt


Yves Saint Laurent men’s shirt, Chloe shorts, Isabel Marant heeled sandals, Zara sunnies, Ecua Andino panama hat, Minas rings


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