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The cold days aren’t over


And, the onion stunt!

We might have 2013 now, but these pictures are taken from 2012. I have been away for a while, if you noticed and I had to pack my stuff, which is always a trouble, at least for me.

When I pack for a week, I think I need all my clothes with me. Do you get that feeling? I pack and un-pack a few times and when I arrive at my destination, I realize that I have packed the wrong stuff! Always!

So this time, my main fault was the coat! I didn’t pack the correct coat. The coat that keeps you warm during the day, but is also wereable at night.
The one and only “key” element! So I had to, yet again, improvise with what I had in my suitcase.

It all went well I think because I didn’t came back sick!
And the combination was acceptable and stylish, for all occasions.. What do you think?

What I did was simple. I wore two, should I say, semi-coats?
The one above the other. You know, the common, “onion stunt“!

The coat underneat is a sleeveless Zara coat and the one above is a cape from Flash shop in Glyfada. The sleeveless coat was long enough and the cape covered my shoulders and a bit of my hands.

What to do with this info?? Really?
Keep it to yourselves and use it when needed.. It is very important!


the onion stunt

the onion stunt

the onion stunt

the cape

the onion stunt ring

The sweater and coat are Zara, the cape is from Flash shop, the jeans are Replay, handbag Moschino, the shoes are Sam Edelman and caps and gloves are from Accessorize.


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