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The D is Silent


Django and moi

Going to the movies is always a very nice way to spent an evening.
When I was younger it was the “DATE NIGHT”! Boys would ask you to go to the movies and you would dress as pretty as possible.

As the years got by, I went to the movies with tracksuits and sneakers just the way I would if watching a movie from my couch. Not anymore I say!
What is the reason to leave my house without getting dressed all nice and pretty??

Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting let’s wear our gowns and go see a movie, althought it would be fun, I am just saying.. A proper make-up is good. A proper outfit is mandatory.
Comfy but elegant. Stylish but thoroughly disheveled.
Ya know what I mean??

Anyway, I wore my sports-lux “gown” once again to watch Django and I think I did good.

Of course the movie was effing awesome!

p.s. If you are wondering about the beige thing hanging from my waist.. it’s a shoe dust bag. I do this sometimes. The styling of this dustbag with my beanie was accidental.
No, really! As my friends say… what time!!



I wear: Zara coat, Lak. men’s tracksuit trousers, vintage knit from topshop on top of a zara striped blouse, Accessorize beanie, Superga shoes, yellow earrings from Hondos Center (Demetriadis) and the clutch is from Alexi Andrioti (oh yes!)

The smile is from stylelove.gr!!


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