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The grey old suit

Besides the over-sized Coats, this year we love Suits! What about Over-sized Suits?

I am going to use a Greek expression and try to interpret it. If you don’t understand it, it’s OK, you ll get it somehow, either you are Greek or not..
This economical crisis “made me get in to my old clothes!” (Με έκανε να βγω από τα ρούχα μου = Με έκανε να μπω στα παλιά μου ρούχα).
I keep on seeing all these amazing clothes online, on newsletters, on e-shops.. and cannot buy anything. That is why i keep on searching in my closet.
I found this old “vintage” suit (it actually belonged to my sister) which now seems very nice and “new”..
I guess this year is going to be all about mixing and matching old clothes …

Anyway, this is how i styled it.
You see, my shoes match perfectly with my wall! :-)

What do you think? Did i inspire you to Suit Up?

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