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sony xperia t3

The hoodie

by Xeni Kouveli

Last weekend I happened to wear my hubby’s weird hoodie and decided to keep it for myself. This happens quite often with things I like from Victor’s closet. So, I shall give you advice on how to keep these clothes without hubbys/boyfriends noticing. Let’s say, one day you are in a hurry and want to wear a hoodie because your own hoodies are all dirty or stored away with all the winter clothes.

1. You wear the hoodie you have been eyeing for quite some time now.
2. You compliment your hubby about what great taste he has and how beautiful this hoodie looks, while standing in front of the mirror and checking yourself out wearing said hoodie.
This part is very important, because while you are being so cute and nice with him, he is actually checking out how good the hoodie looks on you!
3. You both go out and make the most of a rainy day and somehow you “observe” all the good things about the hoodie during the day, e.g. it’s so warm and comfy.
At this point you will get a compliment from your hubby about how nice this hoodie actually looks on you.
4. When you get back and undress, you put the hoodie away in your wardrobe.
He’ll not notice anything that day.
5. When and if he notices the hoodie is missing, play it safe by saying something like, “oh the hoodie? I think I accidentally put it in my closet… Let me see.”
He’ll get the meaning. He won’t bother you again. The hoodie is yours.

After that, cook him his favorite meal or make him happy somehow… Sticking my tongue out.

Kiss. Kiss.






Zara Men hoodie
white long top
Nike Flyknit Lunar 2
Valentino sunnies
Thalatta pochette (soon) and
Sony Xperia T3 on my hands


  • Eleni

    Taking the entire “borrow from hubby” idea a step further why don’t we just try to influence them a certain affinity to Celine for that matter and then we’ll be having a SOLID ass reason to borrow stuff from them ;)

    October 7, 2014

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