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The Metamorphosis top

White Bow

Custom made top, custom made pants
NAKRebeca Sanver sling backs ON SALE
Deep Shallow Exposition bracelet
DVF sunnies (although if I were you I would go for the Deep Shallow Exposition sunnies)


Leandra may have Rosie Assoulin but I have Mrs Panagiota. And I’m telling you, to a foreigner’s ears P A N A G I O T A could easily sound like a high brand name. I can even imagine the logo and the font. So yes, P A N A G I O T A sews as I mentioned before and she is kind enough to sew my specific designs and make them reality.

This outfit is full P A N A G I O T A and the newest item is the Bow top. Once I saw Rosie’s tops a few months ago, the one with the huge bow and the other one with the huge “ears” (pieces of fabric that reach the floor), I said: Xeni these are made for you. So I combined the two tops into one custom made top that can be worn multiple ways (Big bow at the back, small bow in the front, big bow in the front, no bow at all…) and I named it Metamorphosis. Ta-dah! A cloud of smoke suddenly evaporates into thin air… The only thing I regret is not sewing it with a different color inside so that it could also be worn sideways! Sigh!

Tell me what you think? Do you like it?
Can someone teach me how to sew professionally?
Are you all off for vacay-cay?
Am I asking too much?
Will my questions ever be answered?
Should I wish you all a Happy Monday?

Kiss. Kiss.

Photography Victor Kalauzi || Styling & Editing Xeni Kouveli


Deep Shallow Exposition bracelet








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