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The Onion Scarf

persunmall jacket

by Xeni Kouveli

This look is obviously a look inspired from an ACNE lookbook; the jacket I’m wearing is the closest I can get to an actual ACNE jacket at this point of my life, so you work with what you have and make the best of it. Of course there is an ‘Onion‘ technique here and it all comes down to the scarf.

The jacket could look beautiful and all but if the scarf wasn’t part of the look, the outcome wouldn’t be so… (I won’t say impressive because I am a humble girl) turgid (what a nice word…) Am I right? or am I right? So, yes the Onion can be done with everything and anything you can imagine. Besides its stylish touch the Onion Scarf can be very warm, just like all the other Onions. Only this time because of the scarf’s length the warmth covers parts of your legs too. And that my friends is a purely awesome feeling!

Something I have to mention as well: The Onion Scarf Look makes you feel magnificent. And I mean, majestic and grand. Τhis is due again to the long scarf. While donning the Onion Scarf, it’s like walking a gown down the red carpet and people can be heard cheering around you ‘Onion-Onion’. Yes the Onion creation is mine (my grandma used to call me onion because of the way I dressed and was firstly mentioned on stylelove last year) and I will ask for the copyrights. All of you, using the word Onion for describing layering, please ask me first! Thank you. I am kidding… Sorta.

That is all.
Kiss. Kiss.

Persunmall jacket


persunmall jacket

persunmall jacket

persunmall jacket

persunmall jacket

persunmall jacket

Persun Mall jacket, Zara shirt, Topshop cropped top, Zara long wool scarf, old LAK palazzo pants, Opening Ceremony red booties, Gregio bracelets and rings, Mimika Ciboyianni earcuf, Thalatta Fringy bag, HTC One mini smartphone.


  • Eleni

    Amen to the legit copyright reservation of the “onion” epithet! I mean dude you are the only fair and true sartorial representation of it. Multiple layers of awesomeness all in one love! STYLELOVE! <3

    February 15, 2014

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