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The red painted jeans

Are .. very red

I guess you all have noticed I have a thing for red! Color that is. And when I went to check out the Maison Martin Margiela collection at H&M, the men’s red jeans was what caught my eye! And the only thing with which I left the shop.

Of course everything was amazing, but the way they make you shop.. is exhausting, anxious and definitely NOT FOR ME! In my 10 minutes(you only get 10 minutes.. after getting the colored ribbon/group) in the women’s collection, I had to find the clothes and get the correct size of everything I wanted before someone else would. No second thoughts allowed here.. Grab everything and try it on!

At the end, everything I chose was either bigger or smaller. I can never “work” under pressure.
The men’s collection was easy.. because I only liked this jeans and for my luck, no one else did. Of course there was no waiting here.
So here you go, you see me again in the same room with the white wall and red again fills me up.

Have a lovely weekend!

MMM for H&M jeans, Michael Kors heels, Vintage cardigan, Kan Dee tshirt

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