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The sitting dead

There is a deadly virus around Athens this summer.. it’s called, Heat Wave no 2012

In the picture above, is not me.. it’s my zombie version..
This zombie is exhausted and over-heated and needs its cure..
Can you pls help it find its cure?? (Some say, looong vacation in the islands is the only cure!)

The zombie has style though right?? and can keep its hands in its pockets! but it looks sad..

It also wears nice shoes ..

and bracelets..
Even the “evil eyes” didn’t help from the epidemic “Heat Wave no 2012 ” virus..

Do i even make sense ?? it’s the virus talking!
So will someone adapt this zombie for the summer ??

The zombie wears: H&M top, very old Columbia shorts (i could say vintage.. and make it more special, but they are just old), asos shoes, ray-ban sunglasses & carshoe bag

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