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The subconscious, sunglasses and seo

cast eyewear

Wear it loud & proud by CAST

Either I cannot wait for the sunny days and subconsciously searching for THE sunglasses of this season, or the web-universe is trying to tell me something..
Maybe that, search engine machines are so intellectual and advanced nowadays, that “they” can enter our thoughts and drive us to our deepest desires…

What do you think?

I know that, whenever I desire something very intensely, somehow, I get “signs” and I end up charging my mastercard again!
The problem is whenever I desire something intensely, it usually is expensive.

After finding the House of Holland sunglasses and spending time making gif animations with the sunglasses on my own picture (really, what’s wrong with me?), today I saw these.. And .. well I like them a lot!

I like stand out sunglasses and these are simply amazing!

Please, share your thoughts on:
search engine optimization and
the subconscious..


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p.s. photos from casteyewear.com


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