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The two bag layering aka double decker

by Xeni Kouveli

This is something I do occasionally. Holding more than one bag. Layering bags.


It started a few years back when one bag just wasn’t enough. I mean, one bag could not hold all of my things and I needed a second, bigger bag. I even named it, the Double-Decker (I’m just layering bags). I was influenced by my trip in New York at the time where I was using the touristy Double-Decker buses to travel around the city. Now, I see them in Athens too. It’s funny but I kind of hate them. They just do not fit in Athens. I’ve never used a double decker again on my travels.

Anyway, as I was saying, this particular double decker is stylish and it makes you look cool. So do try it at home and if you like the result, go out. For a walk, or for a drink or two. Winking my eye.

Kiss. Kiss.

The two bag layering aka double decker

GAT RIMON sweater

The two bag layering aka double decker

Stella McCartney platforms

GAT RIMON sweater
THALATTA fringy bag
WOLFNOIR sunnies


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