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The world of Shiseido

Shiseido Ibuki

For motivated & ambitious women .. just like me .. and you!

I sometimes go to bed without removing my makeup.. shhh

I also, sometimes skip meals.. and I often feel very stressed. This happens to you too?
See some of the concerns that I can relate to on the Shiseido website here.

So, what do we have here…
New products from Shiseido that will help us defend against all these threats and give new life to our skin! The line is called Ibuki, a Japanese word that means a kind of inner strength that helps us resist all the adversities in our oh! so busy lives. And I am oh! so ready to try Ibuki! I really really like this word..

Ok, Ibuki rocks.. what’s next?
Ok ok .. besides the face care.. there are some new make-up products! I already know that Shiseido offers a great Fond de ten and the PERFECT foundation brush (and my source is a guarantee!) but now, Shiseido enters the ‘fashion world’ with the Eye Color Bar, an eye shadow palette designed by Dick Page for Autumn Winter 2013. Nine distinct shades to ‘play around’ with and combine. This is limited edition people. Also, the lipstick and the lacquer rouge… are kind of irresistible!

Check out the pictures below and find all Shiseido products in Greece at a Hondos Center near you! :p

Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Shiseido Eye Color Bar
shiseido lipstick

shiseido lipstick

my hand

shiseido foundation

shiseido event


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