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The Overnight Project

by Xeni Kouveli

Korres headquarters called me the other day and said: We will send you a night cream to try and then tell your readers all about the experience the next day. Are you interested in participating in this Overnight Project? And I said: Hell YEAH! (without the “hell”). Ever since I found my first expression wrinkles I have become quite obsessed with aging and I’m trying my best not to lose my firm skin. I use day cream, night serum, day serum, eye cream, lip cream, neck cream and I currently am also obsessed with my hands after discussing it with my friend Maria. You know your hands get older too, right? So yes I now want to try an anti aging hand cream too!

But, to the point: The Wild Rose advanced repair sleeping facial cream was quite surprising. I never understand the night creams and their effect but this one did something. First of all, it smells magnificent. It feels very soft, not oily and it is immediately absorbed. Your skin feels clean as soon as you apply the cream. The next day, my face was smooth and brightened and I’m telling you it wasn’t the 10-hour sleep. I always sleep at least 10 hours. Smiley face.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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