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Things are happening


And this is what I wore on Sunday

Exciting, busy times are coming for me and I really cannot wait!
In the meanwhile, I enjoyed myself at Spetses this past weekend, also yesterday at the Dyberg/Kern, Beck Sondergaard & Tokyo Jane Bloggers Event (a detailed post will soon take place) and I will keep enjoying myself this coming weekend in Istanbul!

Not much to share with you today.. just an outfit post from Sunday afternoon when I felt the need to layer my bags.. again.
So, I present to you, my “Crab Deck”. One bag attached around my waist is the first stage, and another hanging from my shoulders creating a “resting deck”, you know, for my hands. Oh God, where do I come up with these.. sh*t. Feel free to “tell me off” if I tire you.. We do live in a free blog-world!

Also, soon my “Raver” outfit will be revealed!

Have a lovely afternoon lovelies!





Old fur jacket, Vintage blouse from 164.remodified, my hubby’s jeans are always a good idea, Supergas, Larissa Hadjio Daja Funny Pack and Dolce & Gabbana small round bag. Sunnies from Asos.


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