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ross and brown sunglasses

Travel like a rock star (?)

Travel like a rock star: Wear a rock band t-shirt

As I have previously mentioned, I recently purchased some amazing oversized band t-shirts from Monastiraki in Athens, that I wear all the time. They are the perfect companion. Travelling to Mykonos felt like a school trip. Drinking coca cola and sitting outside, letting the air gently hit your face (not so gently really). Winking my eye. Yeah, I guess “Travel like a rock star” is not the proper title for this post. Rock stars travel luxuriously in liar jets and all. Sticking my tongue out.


On boat in the Aegean sea. September 2015.
Photography, Styling & Editing Xeni Kouveli


Travel like a rock starTravel like a rock starTravel like a rock star



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