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Trending now: Sneakers & Trainers

I wear my sneakers at night!

Yes i do!
Especially when going out dancing. Well, to tell you the truth, i start with heels, but i always have a pair of sneakers or trainers hidden in the car or motorbike. For those difficult after-hours when i cannot feel my toes.

I believe, the moment when i wear my trainers after a hard night is the best feeling ever.. The relief is overwhelming and I just love the way “they” (I mean the trainers) hug my feet.

There were some nights that i had to go to extremes.. when I forgot them and I had to walk barefoot.. with socks of course!
Yes I do throw the socks afterwards. But that doesn’t happen very often.

Anyway, I have a selection of pretty pretty sneakers and trainers here, just for your own satisfaction! I have sneakers and i get my “fix”! If you are “trending the sneaker/trainer trend” right now, I suggest you go buy a pair.. unless you are a “gym fanatic” and you already have one. You can use them at night as well.

Oh! Happy Friday!

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1. Nike, €165
2. Nike, €115
3. New Balance, €??
4. New Balance, €60
5. Golden Goose, €421.25
6. Golden Goose, €290 > My favorite!
7. Nike, €100

All photos are taken from the linked websites

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