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Veneziani Italia

V for Veneziani

by Xeni Kouveli

Luxurious, sophisticated bags by Veneziani. Made in Italy.


As I was scrolling down on Instagram’s search tab a few days ago, I found the “beauty” you see on the above picture. I got to find out that the “beauty” is made by a luxurious couture Italian brand, named VENEZIANI. So I had to share with you gals and boys who are interested in purchasing gifts for your gals. Smiley face and winking eye. Yes at the same time.

Veneziani collection celebrates a sophisticated, dynamic woman: a woman who goes out to work, but considers elegance to be one of her top-priority ambitions, an essential component of her truest, most authentic essence.

The collection’s “codenames” are, Iconic and Contemporary. Twenty two exclusive models featuring the use of smooth leather and canvas, embroidered with motifs of spring flowers that makes them an ideal light-hearted companion for a day at the beach or even a night out in the city.

Soft lines shaped with the lightest of hands create a perfect aesthetic blend between metropolitan elegance and a cosmopolitan spirit. Python that comes in a series of shades, extra-soft leather and ultra-lightweight canvas are the main materials of this collection. The warm summery tones achieve a delicate balance around the dominant aquamarine, blending gently from white to pink and from orange to yellow.

Find out more about VENEZIANI here.

Veneziani ss15

Veneziani ss15

Veneziani ss15

Veneziani ss15

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