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vintage jacket

Vintage jacket, vintage “bear” sleeves

by Xeni Kouveli

Another cold spring day, another vintage jacket


It was only a few days ago when I deeply realised my very big love for vintage jackets. ASOS FF sent me an email to introduce the beta version of the new #AsSeenOnMe platform and as I read through the email I received a compliment about my amazing coat collection. I blushed. The truth though is that I am lucky. As I have mentioned before (here, here, here), a lot of the jackets/coats I own are handed over to me by my mother in law, who also had, very obviously, a very big love for jackets too.

Furthermore, those jackets happen to look as if never worn and very much into fashion at this given moment. The most recent jacket I got, this amazing 100% wool jacket has “bear” sleeves. It’s style is very similar to the jackets and coats we’ve witnessed in AW15 fashion weeks only a month ago. And that is very cool. Smiley face.

Have a beautiful week and wear your “bear” sleeves. It is going to be a cold one.
Kiss. Kiss.

vintage jacket

Vintage bear sleeves, vintage jacket

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Vintage bear sleeves, vintage jacket 

VINTAGE jacket
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