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Vitality of details


And how it reflects our style in times of crisis

I was thinking yesterday that my shopping list has changed radically through the last years. And this happens because my needs are different.

Before crisis my shopping list included branded coats, bags or shoes as well as tops, jackets, bla bla bla. Nowadays, my list consists of accessories, mostly: Hats, glasses, earrings, cuffs, bla bla bla.

The difference is in tha money y’ all!
Buying a hat from accessorize is cheap. But the feeling is just as equal as buying an expensive blouse. And even if it ain’t, myself has adapted in this “new era” of shopping as well as my style.

So what I’m saying is this: I purchase affordable accessories, which are “details” to a whole outfit, that fullfeel my satisfaction and style without spending a fortune, simply because I don’t have any.
And I feel good with myself, no regrets.
I have bills to pay as well and these fuckers.. don’t come cheap!

The thing is, these details have become the “key” to my outfits. What makes them stand out. I can wear the same shirt, pants, jacket but with different accessories and make the look .. “new”!

Crisis suck, but it did made me love the “details” all over again!

A small tip: Do check your bags every now and then. You might find something you had totally forgotten!!
It’s like having a gift on your nameday! Like me today!
I got an amazing necklace!

Tongue sticking out face!

Gimme your thoughts!

asos ear cuff




Asos ear cuff, Demetriadis earrings from Hondos Center, Dannijo necklace, Demetriadis necklace and a vintage pin


  • cloudlinechicflows.blogspot

    True story, clever blings save the day sartorially speaking. BTW this ear cuff takes my breath away! ;)

    January 24, 2013
  • August 23, 2013

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