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We did tried it at home

And fun it was!

There is a saying here in Greece..
Friday sugar, Friday honey! You lose it a bit in translation but you get the meaning. Friday is sweet! Sweets are fun and the best post for me to open my weekend, is this story.

Remember a few days ago, i mentioned the”Graphic Eyes“? Well, i have some pictures from my fun day with @VelMar24, trying to copy the make up on our selves.. I tried my best people to do it as close as possible.. I also tried my best to take some cool pictures that look decent and you can actually see the make-up.
You shall be the judge of it! Hey, be gentle, i am not an expert!

As you can see, i started simple by “painting” tiny triangles onto the corners of my eyes, influenced by ERDEM.

Because i can never make my two eyes look alike, i decided to just make the second one different!
And i think i should adapt this. It could be a trend you know.. or maybe not.
So my second eye is influenced by AQUASCUTUM. what do you think? nice??

With @VelMar24 i tried this geometrical look influenced by our very “own”, MARY KATRANTZOU, which looks very hard.. but i managed to do it. OK, it’s not exactly the same.. but it’s close.. i think. And @VelMar24 agrees!! Don’t you? yes you do. See?

Anyway, that’s all i had to say for today.. You all have a great weekend and do wear your hats!

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