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What do you see through your sunglasses?

by Xeni Kouveli

Gut’s bee sunglasses by Deep Shallow Exposition & Italian Independent


Sunglasses are very important to me. Actually, sunnies are very important to most people. Especially Greeks. And I am gonna say this now and then stop. Forever. #not
How do you recognise a Greek in London? Okay, besides the language and loud voice. They wear sunglasses even on cloudy/rainy days. And that my friends, is a fact.

But enough with Xeni’s crap jokes. I was saying that sunglasses are very important. They are your buddies, hanging with you everyday, all the time. They protect your eyes from the sun. They care for your skin; you don’t need to wear concealer/eyeliner/mascara/makeup. YOU HAVE YOUR SUNNIES ON. But most importantly they make you see the world differently. You can see whatever you wanna see. Sticking my tongue out.

Visual art by Loula Levedi


Sunglasses by Italian Independent and Deep Shallow Exposition


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