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What’s So Great About New York, Anyway?


by Kat de Naoum

Hey guys! What… OK, so I’m 2 days late; Shoot me why don’t you.

I happened to be enjoying a little R&R in N.Y.C. in the U.S.A. having F.U.N., so we agreed with (a very envious) Xeni to swap our posts around just for this week.

NYC… Sigh…


Sigh… Did you get that or should I continue? I’m melodramatically expressing how much I loved it in NYC and how much I am forlornly longing to go back.


Some may say, New York? Pah! Fast-walking, straight-faced people, myriads of yellow cabs, pungent pollution, subway rats, dirty food stalls, commotion… all things that one can find in almost any mediocre over-populated city; so, what’s so great about New York?

I agree to a point… but for some reason that still doesn’t stop me from loving it so much.

Contrary to popular belief, people are actually unbelievably polite. Everywhere you go people will not only say, “hello,” but also ask, “how are you?”. OK, so they may not wait around for an answer (they’re busy, you know) but they ask it anyway. Whenever I would be holding my map (which was always because I can’t for the life of me tell whether 5th or 6 this on my left or right at any given moment), people would stop and randomly ask me where I’m going so they could help me out. I would sometimes stop and stare at my map with an exaggerated puzzled expression to see how long it would take for someone to offer to help me out. It was never more than a minute.

People complain about the traffic but why get a car? You can literally be at the other side of town in 5 minutes with the subway, and as long as it’s not rush hour, accident time or if there isn’t a sports game or concert going on, cabs are really not that expensive (compared to London, NY cabs cost approximately as much as a London bus pass).

There’s a park in the middle of the city. I know this is a well-known fact but please just take a moment to fully digest and appreciate this concept properly.

There’s a massive park slap bang in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the entire world.

Like, an actual park.

A quiet, beautiful, green, clean park with lakes and bridges and benches and different beautiful corners to investigate and grass to sit on and soak up the summer sun and even a zoo and a carousel to name a few of it’s features. You’ll literally be in the hustle and bustle of city hell one minute and a few strides later, you are in a beautiful green, serene paradise.

Apart from the over-hyped stores, food chains, hotels and restaurants, there are so many quaint and one-of-a-kind places to discover, always some little gems you can find with a bit of research which can turn your day into something extra special. Lesser-known or publicized antiques stores, small handmade goods or rare foods, roof-top restaurants and bars with the best views in the city or cosy family owned bistros. For more info, check this out or wait for Daily Secret’s section on New York which is coming soon. (Or you could do you own research; what do I look like, a personal assistant? Sigh, I apologise… I blame the full moon, the jetlag and post-holiday syndrome for my foul mood.)

If you love the movies… actually let me re-phrase that. If you don’t love movies, then who are you and get off my blog post. So, as I was saying, we all love the movies and being in NYC is like being in your own movie. Every corner will remind you of some film or other, every block and apartment building will bring back memories of a TV series episode (I can’t tell you how awesome and surreal it felt being outside Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment) and every NYPD officer you bump into will get you hoping that they make an arrest and read someone their Miranda rights right there in front of you and have you craving for popcorn.

My final point is: shopping. OK, so you can shop anywhere nowadays and even from the comfort of your own home via the internet but there’s nothing quite like the NYC shopping experience to send you hurtling into debt faster than God threw Satan out of heaven down to earth. There are always sales and offers and anything you could ever wish for is available for purchase but if you are sensible with your finances (again, who are you? I do not relate to you in any way) you can have a healthy, happy and enjoyable shopping life. (I think Xeni and I would do best to stay away.)

I don’t want to leave Greece. Not for anything or anyone. I’m a Mediterranean girl through and through. But I wouldn’t mind making a couple of 6-month trips a year to the marvellous Manhattan.


**Xeni Kouveli makes the Convo collages with pics found on Google images – we do not own them (except for the ones we do own).

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