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What’s your occupation??

“I am a fashion blogger”

When I first started this blog, back at 2009, I was very shy.. fashion blogging was not as popular as nowadays, although, I was following other fashion bloggers (from 2006) abroad who were progressive enough to upload their outfits, like Kingdom of Style or Style Bubble. Actually now, not only they are famous and work in the fashion industry, but in my eyes, they are “old school”. They are “pioneers”.

Fashion blogging now, is a job, an occupation. There are many things you have to do, besides uploading outfits. There are websites and companies built to guide you on how to.. blog. How to upload your pictures, what themes or even words to choose.

The truth is, it’s kind of a hard job, only because they are so many out there.. and it is very difficult to become established and be original.

But, my questions are these:
How long will this last? What else is there to come? Will I ever be progressive or original enough?

At the end of the day, for me, this website is mostly a hobby. I want it to be fun and I want my followers to get something out of it. I want people to smile when they read my posts. But, I would also love it if it became my actual job/occupation.

Share your thoughts if you are interested.


Photo from www.collegefashion.net, which credited: www.refinery29.com hahaha

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