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White hair, neoprene skirt

White hair, neoprene skirt

And other stuff

It’s Thursday afternoon, I just ate a huge souvlaki and I thought I should write this post now that my stomach is full and my fingers have become mini bagels.

So, what’s new? I have white hair now, in case you didn’t notice and today was my first day at the natatorium. I’ve just entered the world of aqua aerobics and it feels great! Seriously, I am full of energy and I also have some fab news to report!

StyleLove will soon have a brand new column.. it’s very exciting and I cannot wait! I can’t say anything more yet… Oh alright I’ll give you a hint…
It’s a column where we’ll discuss everything and anything girly and it will be raw as all hell! Oops… that wasn’t so much a hint but rather the full synopsis of the actual column… Never mind, I couldn’t hold it in anymore! You’ll see and read it in the very near future! Watch this space!

About the outfit though… I have nothing to report. It’s simple. The Onion is back! Enjoy.

Kiss. Kiss.

White hair, neoprene skirt

White hair, neoprene skirt

White hair, neoprene skirt

White hair, neoprene skirt


White blonde hair by Agapi (Hair Tonic), cape from Flash Shop in Glyfada (similar), ZARA tartan jacket, ZARA grey top (similar), ZARA neoprene skirt (similar), Calzedonia tights, ZARA moccasins (similar), Moschino bag (similar) and SSE sunnies.


  • Eleni

    If only onions were that beautiful and generally awesome! Not that I say no to real deal onion, remind me to give you the ultimate onion pie recipe! ;) You rock and I can’t wait to read the new stuff

    January 30, 2014

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