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Xeni Kouveli of Stylelove


Xeni Kouveli is an international style influencer & a content creative. She currently lives and works in Athens-Greece married to Victor, her equally stylish and creative husband. She loves to travel abroad and experience local traditions while taking pictures of as many actual or mental images as she can. When in Greece she likes to spend her weekends on her inspiration island, Spetses, where she can explore, swim and breath in the calmness of the sea.

With studies in graphic & web design and a natural ability to implement with her own way the dynamics of style and fashion developments of the world, she started her own influential website (www.thestylelove.com) in order to highlight and express herself and her stylistic concerns. Androgyne looks, grunge, retro influences and artistic integrity is what the world of @StyleLove consists of.

She loves summer but she enjoys winter as she can wear and ‘blend’ her collection of vintage coats. She is also the designer and creator of Thalatta Concept bags.

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General enquiries: xeni@thestylelove.com



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