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Who what wear

by Xeni Kouveli

InStyle Greece had their one year anniversary this month and in the October issue, they announce the 18 Style Ambassadors in Greece, one of whom is yours truly! They held a big fashion party to celebrate and I had to attend (what’s a girl to do). I managed to get a few pics of my outfit before the party to show you. Winking my eye.

So, I went for a leather black dress by Lefteris Yiannikos and my obligatory layering technique which included a custom made silk taffeta scarf and a sleeveless coat. Winking my eye again. You see, I had to impress all the fashion people invited to the party. Right?

Gimme your thoughts.

Kiss. Kiss.

Lefteris yiannikos

Lefteris yiannikos

Gregio rings

Lefteris yiannikos dress



Lefteris Yiannikos dress, vintage scarf, Zara sleeveless coat, Chloe sandals, Deep Shallow Exposition sunnies.

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