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by Xeni Kouveli

When I wear my new Thalatta Fanny Pack I wanna scream, “Hey mum, no hands,” like I’m riding a bike with no hands for the first time. It really feels so liberating when you don’t have to carry a bag around all day and it makes you wanna scream and tell the world.

But, for the ones that feel all exposed without a hand bag I’m telling you this: This fanny pack can be worn as a second bag very easily and the outcome can look very stylish. This bumbag is like your “wingman” or better “wingbag”. You can rely on it because it can hold on to your most valuable things while you go out and about.

Kiss. Kiss.

thalatta fringy fanny pack

Nandel Paris earring

thalatta fringy fanny pack

thalatta fringy fanny pack

Zara pants, H&M denim shirt, Adidas Stan Smith, Thalatta Fringy Fanny Bag, Nandel Spike Bracelet Marble and Gold, Nandel Spike and Pearl earring. Celine sunglasses.

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