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Xmas Presents to die for

Sort of speak..

Since Christmas are only 14 days away.. I thought I should write a post about presents, even though this year is kind of hard to get or give any.
You see.. it is never the present that you get or give.. it’s the anticipation of receiving or giving it. The smile on eachother’s face. That’s what counts.

Of course, the smile gets much bigger when the gift is what you expected. Right?
Ya know.. i am just saying.. and I just hope one is reading.. :p

This is a small selection of nice presents for every girl outhere, in my opinion. With some modifications maybe. You know the possibilities and choices are endless really.

I tried to be as humble as possible!
Happy Tuesday!

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1. Rodarte Outlined Heart Prom T-Shirt $ 100.00
This one could be a bit late for Xmas but… it’s ok!

2. ASOS Pastel Rainbow Ear Cuff €48.62
!!!! Ear cuffs are awesome!

3. J Crew Silk Pajamas $128.00
Come on.. do i really need to comment on this???

4. Dannijo Frances II $452.00
Ok this is not an easy present.. look on the price, but it is on sale.. and i should have one present in my list that is un reachable! Dreams are .. dreams!

5. Zara clutch 30 €
An evening clutch for the eve’s..

6. Khiels Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter €35
Whipped butter on your body..isn’t that enough? And there is a Hondos Center everywhere, almost

7. Prigkipw crown ring €33

8. Topshop Headband €13


  • Eleni

    need the pjs to wear in parties. (I always end up in the couch anyway) ;)

    December 15, 2012
  • Dikia Mou eisai!!!

    December 15, 2012

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