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5 Nail Friday

Essie fw2014

by Xeni Kouveli

This Fall/Winter the nail trends, very briefly, are the following five:

Pinks and nudes
Deep Red

So far, I managed to paint my nails in the classic Red trend. I say classic, because red nails for me is always, always in fashion. The nail polish I used is from the new Fall Winter 2014 Essie, Dress to Kilt. The whole Essie collection is about seductive shades that exude feminine mystery and magic. Yeah, seductive and feminine… so Xeni. Of course I’m sticking my tongue out and helping my face get another wrinkle.

Four nail trends left to try and I shall keep you posted.
Happy weekend.
You can shop the nail polishes at the bottom of the page.

5 Nail-Trend Friday

5 Nail-Trend Friday

5 Nail-Trend Friday

5 Nail-Trend Friday

5 Nail-Trend Friday

The photos were found on google images and I own none except the first one.

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