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Baby blue, on baby blue, on baby blue!

Is baby blue my color?

Unlike everyone else bloggers out there, who will be probably writing posts about the historic concert of RHCP yesterday, I will make a difference and write about something totally stupid!

I have come to realize that i have a thing for baby blue! It all started when i chose baby blue for my car -not this one, although it happened that this one is baby blue as well- then, when i chose baby blue for a handbag, or my clothes and finally my nail color.

So when i got dressed the other day i looked myself on the mirror and i saw that baby blue partied all over my body.

I am all mix & match & layering kind of girl in my dressing, but the past year is all about mixing and matching and layering baby blue..

And that is just a statement. Thank you for reading.
I hope you all had fun at the concert!

And this is what my baby blue outfit consists of: Jacket, shoes & shirt from zara, vintage jeans, Dolce & Gabbana handbag, Flash tunic


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